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Mercedes-Benz – Driven To Extremes

Mercedes-Benz – Driven To Extremes



The Arctic Drive: "Put It To The Test"

5000 kilometers. 50 below zero. We took 9 Sprinters in 9 days from Edmonton to the Arctic Circle through some of the harshest conditions in North America. All to prove they are built to handle the worst Canadian winter. The Arctic Drive chronicled every step of this ultimate cold-weather road trip in an interactive documentary-style web-journey.



The Sprinter Tour: "Explore Wide Open Spaces"

How do you show off the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter's ultra-efficiency? 50 National Parks. 217 Days. 20,565 Miles. 2 Empty nesters. One RV. That's how. We sent Rob & Jan on the Great American Park tour and they took everyone else along for the ride. The Sprinter Tour site used maplets and Google's API  to connect social and blog feeds and showcase the visits to each of the National Parks. Site visitors could choose how they interacted in this immersive experience - traveling with the Wilsons or exploring via the map themselves.