TOM SLOAN  |  Creative

UNICEF Tap Project – Start A Ripple

When Droga5 and UNICEF decided to take the Tap Project nationwide, we jumped in to help spread the word to South Carolina. But we had an idea to reach more than the 4.5 million people in our state. We reached out to Google and teamed up to get in front of 70+ million during each day of #WorldWaterWeek.

Working collaboratively with Google, we developed a mini-app to run on, and promoted within, Google Maps. Using Mapplets and the Google API, all Tap efforts could be tracked in an immersive & interactive experience. Not only could visitors to the site find local restaurants they could pay for their tap water, but they could see how & where clean water was brought to those in need.

We took the idea one step further, leveraging Facebook's Apps for people to "Tap their friends." People could virtually send their friends a "glass" of either clean or dirty water – all with the goal of getting one person to tell another to get someone to help another an ocean away.